Midtown Safety Center Advisory Council

Current membership:

Del Holmes - Midtown Phillips neighborhood resident

Mr. and Mrs Scarver - Central neighborhood resident

Shirley Heyer - Midtown Phillips neighborhood resident

Verge Granger - West Phillips resident

Tiffany Green/Robert Lilligren - Ward 6, Minneapolis City Council

Patricia Brown - Midtown Global Market
Inspector Scott Gerlicher - MPD
Lieutenant Sally Weddel - MPD

John Reed - Crime Prevention Specialist for Latino Community

Shirlee Stone/Carla Nielson - Franklin Safety Center/AINDC

Craig Vos/Simeon Wagner - Hennepin County Probation

Therese Rau - Hennepin County Probation

Mick Sandin - Hennepin County Probation

Jamal James - Circle of Disipline

Amy Reise - Katahdin
Sheryl Kabat - Central Weed and Seed
Jana Metge - Phillips Weed and Seed
Elena Gaarder - Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association

Jose Diaz - Latino Economic Development Center
Joyce Wisdom - Lake Street Council

Susie Helget - Phillips Partnership

For  more information, contact Crime Prevention Specialist Renee Allen at 612-825-6138.