Clean Sweep 2006:   Swept up by enthusiasm, Phillips supporters give the neighborhood an instant makeover


Trash collected from Lake Street is put where it belongs!

The 14th Avenue Block Club, which also does its own trash pickup four times per year, had a crew of 18 people on hand.

Young people from the Holy Rosary Youth Group worked along Bloomington Avenue.

Bolstered by donuts, Ward Eames, Nate Metcalf, Bill Turner, Krista Turner, and Margaret Eames of the National Theater for Children gear up to collect trash.

Phillips Partnership chair Peter McLaughlin with one of the event’s organizers, Joyce Wisdom of the Lake Street Council.

Blessed by some glorious fall weather, a record-setting crowd descended on the Phillips neighborhood on Saturday for this year’s Clean Sweep.  Armed with litter “claws,” green t-shirts, and trademark yellow bags, more than 500 people moved briskly through the neighborhood just ahead of a stiff breeze, picking up an estimated 26,860 pounds of trash and 243 tires over the course of the morning.  Guided by the able and experienced folks at Philips Weed and Seed and supported by a host of sponsors, the affair went off without a hitch. 

As always, this year’s volunteers came from all walks, and included families, block clubs, church and school groups, elected officials, and representatives from area businesses.  Many new faces joined the effort, such as the crew from the National Children’s Theater, which relocated its national office and rehearsal space to 2733 Park Avenue in July.  Thanks to the strong leadership by Little Earth resident and activist Kelly Morgan, the Little Earth Community and other partner Indian organizations also had a strong presence at this year’s Clean Sweep, with many first-time participants.  Among the many other groups represented were:

  • 20 young people from the Holy Rosary Youth Group, led by Mike and Maricela Dale.  More than 60 youth and parents from the Latino Baseball League and other Latino neighbors, led by Rosie and Alfonso Cruz.
  • Over 60 Bethlehem Baptist parishioners and Northwestern College students. 
  • More than 40 exchange students from Germany through the Waite House.  Jana Metge reports that on last year’s evaluation, many students listed the Phillips Clean Sweep as their favorite activity during their exchange.
  • Representatives from 26 block clubs. 
  • 2 crews from the Hennepin County Juvenile Sentence to Service

As with any undertaking of this size, deep thanks are due to the countless people and organizations who donated time and money to making the Clean Sweep a success.  An all-volunteer committee of 20 people met began meeting weekly in August to plan the event.  Led by coordinator Jana Metge, they included Joyce Krook of Abbott Northwestern Hospital; Joyce Wisdom of the Lake Street Council; Kelly Morgan of the Little Earth Community; Midtown residents Shirley Heyer, Donna Neste, and Ben Pipe; East Phillips residents Brad Pass and Harvey Winje; Phillips West resident Muriel Simmons; Carol Pass of EPIC; Susan Young, Director of Solid Waste and Recycling for Minneapolis; and Bob Hunter of Hennepin County’s Sentence to Serve.






Financial supporters included:                           In-kind donations were provided by:

Phillips Weed & Seed                                            City of Minneapolis/Solid Waste & Recycling

Phillips Partnership                                                Bethlehem Baptist Church

Phillips Energy Co-op                                            Hennepin County Sentence to Service

Phillips West Neighborhood Organization         Pillsbury United/Waite House

Wellington Management                                        Kaplan Brothers  

Maria's Cafe                                                              American Indian OIC

Little Earth Housing Corporation                          Midtown Phillips

AINDC                                                                         EPIC

AIOIC                                                                           Franklin Ave. Safety Center/MPD

LaSalle Management                                              Midtown Community Safety Center/MPD

Project for Pride in Living                                        Mt. Olive Jobs After School Program

HN Co. American Indian Families Project          Abbott Northwestern Hospital

Nayawee Center School                                         Lake Street Council

Steps to a Healthier MN                                          Women of Nations  

Women of Nations                                                   Mad Dads/Minneapolis Chapter

Lake Street Council                                                  MPRB/Stewart Park

Hi-Lake Business Association                              Welna Hardware

BCLCA                                                                        Dougherty-Thomson Funeral Home

Chicago/Lake Business Association                   PEACE Coffee

Mr. Olive Lutheran Church                                      Northern Sun Merchandising

Ventura Village Neighborhood                               More Valu Foods

                                                                                      Chicago-Lake Liquor

                                                                                      Green Institute

                                                                                      Corrie Dougherty